January 13, 2022

Should I wear a veil?

My dream wedding gown also has a veil. I can wear it right?

Should I wear a veil?

We believe that your wedding attire should reflect your own special style, but we would offer that wind is a constant factor.  Frequently, veils will blow in front of the face of the bride during the cermony and photos.  

We have even had a veil be caught by a hand rail while the bride was making her entrance. That may sound awful but it is really ok. Someone rushed to the brides assistance and quickly freed her from her entrapment. She had a good sense of humor about the situation and we all enjoyed a little giggle. See, I had a conversation with her during the planning and let her in on our experience so she was prepared for what could happen. Granted, I didn't expect that but we were prepared for the wind picking her veil up while on the beach.

Veils are amazing but...

Windy wedding day on Bolivar Penninsula

Veils have their function and purpose in history. They are also just beautiful when perfectly paired with that dream dress. They can be passed dowm heirlooms with significant meaning or carefully chosen accessories that complete a look.

If you are planning a beach wedding look, then what you will definitely want to consider is that there is always wind. Sometimes it is a gentle loving breeze and sometimes we are experiencing 17 mph winds that turn that veil into a kite. We suggest that you have a way to pin it either to your hair and/or the back of your dress. Your wedding photos are going to be so incredibly important to your later and it would be a shame if your face is hidden in all of them by a flying veil.

Sometimes we assign a bridesmaid to hold onto it during the ceremony and I have even been known to hold onto the end of it while officiating. Since we do everything with a little bit of humor, we can usually fix a runaway veil situation without ruining the flow of the ceremony.

Veil sail during a ceremony

You might consider shorter, close fitting veils instead

Here are a few options that look beautiful but are less likely to block the view of your gorgeous face!

  • Birdcage style
  • Shoulder length
  • Hair jewelry
  • Headbands or tiaras

Long hair can present the same issues, so consider braiding or updos. We wouldn't want you distracted during the ceremony by hair tickling your face.

Until next time!